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Elizabeth Noxon

When it comes to survival, people will do anything; steal, lie, cheat, and even kill.

After the chaos of The Eden Project, Sienna is faced with uncovering secrets that could save the future of mankind.

Will Sienna be able to survive long enough to save the world from evil lurking in the shadows? Or will those secrets she’s working to reveal kill her before she has the chance?

the book that started it all

Could you let millions die to ensure a perfect future?

Sienna’s senior year of high school unfolded as planned. The stage was set for a bright future… until that night.

She hears shocking news and learns her true identity, setting her on a new, unplanned path.

Now everything has changed. Sienna has a chance to become a force. She must make a choice – one that will decide the fate of her family, friends and the world.

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