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Elizabeth (Betsy) Noxon’s debut young adult novel, The Eden Project, the first of three books in the series, was a five-year-long project that was inspired by her two sons who were concerned about their future and global climate change.

She’s a co-author of Tri the Journey, A Woman’s Inspirational Guide to Becoming a Triathlete, and was a journalist for the past 20 years.

Elizabeth loves reading all types of thrillers, biographies, and historical fiction. She works in the healthcare industry which sparked her interest in writing a medical-based fiction series. She’s also an avid athlete competing in running events and triathlons as an adult – the reason her lead protagonist, Sienna, is a runner!

The third book in The Eden Project series is coming soon!

“I’ve loved developing Sienna’s character. She’s a strong, vulnerable, young woman navigating her path in a dangerous world. I’m never sure what her next move will be. She’s constantly challenged and tested to make difficult decisions that affect her world and those close to her.”

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