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The Crescent File, released October 2022, is Elizabeth’s follow up novel to The Eden Project. When it comes to survival, people will do anything; steal, lie, cheat and even kill. Will Sienna be able to survive long enough to save the world from evil lurking in the shadows?


Walk It Off, Step Outside for a Daily Dose of Fitness

Chicago Health Magazine – Fall 2020/Winter 2021

Better fitness might just start with lacing up your sneakers and heading out for a walk. This easy-to-do exercise strengthens almost every major organ in the body, promotes optimal bone density, and boosts the immune system.


The Eden Project, released December 2020, is Elizabeth’s first novel. Could you let millions die to ensure a perfect future? When Sienna learns her fate she’s faced with making a choice – one that will decide the fate of her family, friends, and the world.

Beating Strong, Brain health relies on heart health

Chicago Health Magazine – Spring/Summer 2020

Brain health rests on heart health. Diseases that clog the heart’s arteries can also clog arteries in the brain and the rest of the body.


Sneaky Headache Triggers to Avoid

Women’s Health Magazine – January 2017

Hot summer weather can be a major headache catalyst. You can’t change the forecast, but you can take steps to avoid these other brain-pain triggers.

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Chicago Athlete Magazine

Betsy Noxon, Author Page

Wrote seven articles from 2013- 2018 with topics ranging from the history of Chicago Area Runners Association, how to train for a super sprint triathlon, to best ways to spectate the Chicago Marathon.


U.S. News and World Report

  • Want to Lose Weight? Get some sleep.
  • Benefits of High Intensity Workouts.
  • Cardiac Health.


I’m a Triathlete: Rahm Emanual, Chicago’s Energetic Mayor Doesn’t Miss a Day of Training

Triathlete Magazine – May 2012

Food Fixes for Running Woes

Women’s Running Magazine – January/February 2012

Solve active issues the natural way! Easy diet swaps soothe all your aches and pains.

The New Mom

MSN website for Nissan Innovation for Endurance: 2012

Wrote 10 fitness related articles:

  • Your first fitness challenge

  • Enhance your training with yoga

  • Cardio workouts that build stamina

  • Celebrity moms training secrets

  • Easy strength exercises for toning your upper body

  • Easy snacks for a quick energy boost

  • Five fun ways to workout with your baby

  • Get in shape to get your groove back

  • Naptime exercises you can do at home

  • Pack it smart: Diaper & gym bag does double duty


Tri the Journey proves we’re never too old or too sedentary to change our lives. Anyone with an interest in fitness, nutrition for athletics, running, swimming, biking, or training for any athletic endeavor will have a hard time putting this book down. Authors Elizabeth (Libby) Hurley and Elizabeth (Betsy) Noxon show that triathlons are no longer reserved for super-athletes. This sport now attracts thousands of people who never thought they could swim, bike, and run.


Demand Studios – 2010

Articles on Hot Stone Massage and The Best Triathlon Bikes for Women 2010


Chevron World Cup Player Bios for Six Ranked Golfers

Los Angeles Times

Interviewed Zach Johnson, Ian Poulter, Mike Weir, Lucas Glover and Anthony Kim


Add Poles for a Power Walk

Heart Healthy Living Magazine – Spring 2008

Supercharge your walk with the help of poles that boost your calorie burn and cardiac rehabilitation.


Runner’s World Magazine

Wrote four articles covering:

  • Aalternative remedies for pain relief
  • The health benefits of nuts
  • The therapeutic benefits for running
  • Freeing your mind from worry on your next run


Long form articles on Health, Medicine, Lifestyle, Travel

NorthShore Magazine

  • Longevity: the impact of an aging America
  • Managing Migraines
  • Pump It Up (Heart Health)
  • Mind Menders: Today’s Neurosurgeons are pioneering a new era of hope
  • Breast Cancer
  • Equestrian Culture and Lifestyle
  • Spring Break Planner
  • Paddle Chic
  • A paddle tennis neophyte gets hooked on the North Shore game du jour
  • Cycling Vacation through Sonoma Valley
  • Skiing in Utah


Global Gourmet – Suburban Flavor

United Hemispheres – December 2007

From hot dogs to haute cuisine, Chicago is known for its dining, and these days the culinary scene is expanding into some superb suburban locales. These North Shore spots, can really heat up a cold winter’s eve.


The Promise of Integrative Medicine

Experience Life Magazine


Simple Way to Add Years to Your Life

Health Magazine

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AARP The Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Chicago Parent, Chicago Tribune, Heart-Healthy Living, Parents, Y-Life magazine,

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